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junio 17, 2022
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Techno India Group – A World Leader in Education plus the Youth of India

For three years now, the Techno India Group is a leading identity in the field of education and the children of India. From humble beginnings in 85, the group has grown to turn into a global manufacturer, generating enormous opportunities meant for both young ones and the community. From educational institutions to entertainment and advertising, the Group has expanded its course to include a broad choice of subjects. From its origins in education, the Group has attained global success in all its efforts, and is maintaining to achieve breakthrough at an rapid rate.

The Techno India Group is among the largest understanding management organizations in Asia, collaborating with all the leading IT giant Hewlett-Packard. Its educational offerings consist of 100 Expertise Campuses, four University Campuses, 22 Architectural Colleges, 12 Business Classes, 18 People Schools, and two upcoming Medical Universities. Further, Techno India Group also provides a healthcare division and two upcoming Medical Colleges. The group’s academics will be committed to rendering world-class education that prepares students with regards to successful employment opportunities.

With a global campus and a multicultural atmosphere, the Techno India University in Kolkata provides students having a world-class education. Students in the university are influenced by varied backgrounds and therefore are exposed to a rich various academic disciplines. Techno India University is a member of the ACM and IEEE, and a technological leader by Cisco Devices Inc. Its innovative applications help college students advance the careers within a world-class company. The university’s academic popularity speaks just for itself.

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